From Danmark Series, 2015.


Sam Jedig’s new works series, MASK, exploratively examine the doing, un-doing and non-doing of self and others in (and as) the face of power.

As an ancient artifact of regeneration, the mask is not merely a symbol but also a vehicle of transformation. Across time, place and cultures the mask has moved the wearer and ceremony participants from one culturally defined existence to another.

Since the mid-90s Jedig’s MASK has sampled portraits of sovereignty as interpreted through postmodern collages of ‘icon’. Whatever hides underneath the black mask - whatever the mask symbolizes - is a construct of collective and individual imagination. Who is who, or rather: who makes who, is the enigma. We all contribute to the doing and un-doing of power.

In times of the COVID-19 pandemic, masks are becoming a collective means of protection. Jedig’s MASK series invites us to critically engage with the subtle forms of masking and unmasking of self and others that implicitly and explicitly shapes processes and profiles of contemporary power dynamics.

Jedig’s MASK series include Faces Of Stones, Denmark Series, Wish You Were Here and Unknown Heroes Series. Many of which are mail art and street art, exhibited on postal stamps that are issued in a limited number and distributed across the world in order to intervene in the everyday living of lives.

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Artstamp.dk was founden in 2007 and by making his own artstamps Jedig has revitalised a medium of communication that in the age of the Internet seems like an anachronism. Not only that, he has revitalised it as a platform for creative expression.

Since the beginning of the 1980’s, Sam Jedig function through Stalke Galleri  -  Stalke Out Of Space

and Stalke Of Of Space Cube.

Sam jedig, Galleri Kambur. 2007, Iceland